“Ogni volta si comincia allo stesso modo: all’inizio la testa è piena di impressioni e alla fine il corpo è esausto. Ma la parte più bella del lavoro è proprio questa fatica.”

“Every time it starts the same way: at the beginning the head is full of impressions and at the end the body is exhausted. But the most beautiful part of the work is precisely this effort.”

Dussan Kallay

The Triangle is the most ambivalent geometric shape as it can have one of two quite opposite meanings whether it points up or down.

It can imply stability, power and energy when the shape rests on a solid base. But it results in feelings of conflict, tension and nervousness when the base is upside down or appears unstable. 

Triangles have energy and power associated with them. 
Power, progression, purpose and direction are all represented by them. 
In many cultures the reference to the triangle includes some religious undertones: Body-Mind-Spirit or Father-Son-Holy ghost or Past-Present-Future.

In this pendant an upward triangle is joined with a downward one, the message I'd like to get across is that is always possible to find a balance even between things that seem to be unable to coexist.
This is a symbol of balance. 

While the circle expresses the universal totality, the square - with its edges and its straight lines - expresses the desire to bring together within strict boundaries. If the circle is the symbol of the "whole" of the infinite universe, the square is rather the symbol of a "part" of the defined space. 
If the circle "encompasses" the square "delimits".

They are different but still perfectly combined.
They are counterparts, not opposites. 
A complement, not a fight. 

It is the nature in front of the spirit, 
the land in front of the sky, 
the space in front of the time, 
the masculine in front of the feminine,
the human in front of the Divine.
The Oval or Egg shape is a symbol of abundance, creativity, hoarding, increase, luck, new starts. 

Egg equals new life. Symbol of fertility, the egg is the largest existent cell.

These rounded shapes tend to send a positive emotional message of harmony and protection.
Concentric circles are formed from the center and expand outward. Wider and wider, like the maternal womb that expands month after month.

It is one and then many, is a circle of several sizes because one opens into the other. One is inside the other. 

Symbol of energy that expands, concentric circles amplify themselves. Is pure energy that takes strength from the inner center.